Royal Family Announces St. Edward’s Crown To Be Replaced By Noddy Holder’s Top Hat For All Future Coronation Ceremonies

Some day, Prince Charles will be crowned King of England not with the St. Edwards Crown, but with Noddy Holder’s famous top hat, as shown in this 1973 photo.

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WESTMINSTER, ENGLAND – A Buckingham Palace spokesperson confirmed this morning that for all future coronation ceremonies, the Royal Family has chosen to replace the St. Edward’s Crown with the mirrored top hat used by rock legend Noddy Holder.  “The next generation of the Royal Family thought it was time to establish a new tradition.  The old St. Edwards Crown connotes a certain imperious arrogance which the family would like to change.”  

Noddy Holder began using the mirrored top hat in 1973 while on tour with Slade.  Holder stated he did not hesitate to donate the hat to the Royal Collection when he received the call from Prince Charles. “I thought somebody was pulling my leg when I first I heard they wanted to use my hat, and then Prince Charles called me in person.  Words cannot express what an honor it will be to have my hat used in the coronation ceremonies,” said Holder.

The St. Edward’s Crown is one of the oldest of the British Crown Jewels, although the original crown was destroyed by Oliver Cromwell during the English Civil War some 350 years ago.  The current crown was reconstructed for the coronation of King Charles II in 1661, but the crown has been used only 3 times in the past 300 years.

Prince Charles, heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II, told BBC News that when the day comes to be crowned King of England, he’d much prefer to use Holder’s top hat at the coronation ceremony.  “To be honest, the crown means little to me.  I’ve never seen it used for any meaningful purpose.  On the other hand, I can remember seeing Noddy Holder’s mirrored hat at a Slade concert in Earl’s Court when I was 24 years old, and that is a great memory.”

Prince Charles told the BBC he also believes the St. Edward’s Crown is symbolic of centuries of British imperialism and oppression.  The crown weighs almost five pounds of solid gold and is filled with over four hundred jewels, and according to Prince Charles, “Some of those jewels are worth more than many British citizens will make in their lifetime. On the other hand, Noddy Holder’s top hat is something the working class man or woman of Britain can easily identify with.”

Prince Charles suggested that with the addition of Holder’s hat, it might be time to sell the crown.  “[Prince] William and [Prince] Harry prefer Noddy Holder’s hat, too, so there is no good reason to keep the crown anymore.  We could sell the crown for a fortune and donate the proceeds to some of the most deserving charities of the United Kingdom.”

Buckingham Palace issued a statement thanking Noddy Holder on behalf of all of Britain. “The Royal Family considered many options for the change and Noddy Holder’s hat was Prince Charles’ first choice, so we are very grateful to Mr. Holder that he was willing to give his historic hat to the Royal Collection, for the enjoyment of many generations to come.”

Noddy Holder wearing soon-to-be Royal top hat, with Slade bandmates Jimmy Lea, Don Powell and Dave Hill.

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