Obama Warns Putin To Remove Russian Troops from Ukraine, Or There Will Be Further Warnings

President Obama warns that he is prepared to issue more warnings    

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WASHINGTON, DC -- At a press conference today, President Barack Obama reacted swiftly to the reports of a Russian military presence in the Ukraine.  In one of President Obama’s harshest warnings yet, Obama told Russian President Vladimir Putin that if he did not withdraw the Russian troops, President Obama would issue another warning, and if necessary, yet another warning after that warning.  Obama stated “Putin needs to realize that the warnings will not stop until the troops are removed from the Ukraine.”

The White House issued a statement advising Putin that he should also be aware that Secretary of State John Kerry was prepared to issue additional warnings to Russia. “Kerry has a lot of time on his hands, and he has a new day planner, and he will be able to issue a new warning to Putin practically every day for the remainder of his term, except when Kerry is on vacation.” 

National Security Advisor Susan Rice said she was prepared to use her Twitter account to issue warnings to Putin, and “I may even put up some warnings to Putin on my Facebook page.”

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