Mormon Leaders Apologize to American Cancer Society, As Yet Another Leader Forgets to Ask God About a Cure for Cancer

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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- A prominent Mormon leader has apologized to the American Cancer Society for neglecting to ask God for a cure for cancer in a recent conversation with God concerning God’s opposition to gay marriage.  Neil Andersen, of The Quorum of the Twelve, while speaking at the LDS general conference in Salt Lake City on April 5, explained at the conference why God is opposed to gay marriage.  

After the conference, Anderson apologized to the American Cancer Society, “As soon as I mentioned God’s position at the conference, I remembered, oops once again, one of us had forgotten to ask God about the cure for cancer.”

Dr. Gina Charles-Castillo, speaking from the American Cancer Society home office in Atlanta, Georgia, expressed the disappointment of the entire ACS staff.  “[The Mormon leaders] have promised us over and over again, the next time God speaks to any one of them, they will ask God about a cure for cancer, and if the Lord is willing, a cure for many other diseases too.”

Dr. Randall Berkshire, a cancer researcher at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, also expressed frustration that the Mormon leaders keep forgetting to ask God about the cancer cure.  “For whatever reason, God is speaking only to the Mormon leaders, and apparently God seems willing to answer whatever questions they pose. Millions of people have needlessly suffered and died because these men keep forgetting to ask for the cure.”

Thomas Monson, President of the LDS Church and the prophet, seer, and revelator of God’s will on earth, defended Anderson’s oversight.  “We’re all a little embarrassed here that another one of us forget to ask God for the cure for cancer, but Mr. Anderson was busy making sure he was obtaining the correct information from the Lord about the reasons He is opposed to gay marriage.”

Anderson added, “And frankly, I just never found a good segue during the gay marriage conversation to ask God about a cure for any disease.”

Dr. Berkshire, who has devoted his life to cancer research and treatment, noted the requests to the Mormon leaders actually date back to 1978, after more than a dozen Mormon leaders, including The Quorum of the Twelve, received a revelation from God that African-Americans could begin to serve in the priesthood and receive temple blessings.  Berkshire told The World Post Times, “When I first heard they were obtaining revelations directly from God, I personally pleaded with them to ask God for a cure for cancer.  I thought they were agreeable with the idea.”

Monson gave reassurances to the concerned cancer society and doctors. “Next time one of us speaks to God, we will try to remember to get that cure for cancer.”

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