NFL to Impose “10 Run Rule” in Furtherance of Its Anti-Bullying Campaign

NFL to protect players’ emotions when new “10 run rule” will be instituted 

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NEW YORK, N.Y. --  In furtherance of its anti-bullying campaign, the National Football League has announced it will impose the “10 run rule” in all games in the upcoming 2014 NFL season.   “We don’t want players to have their feelings hurt, and it is cruel to force the players to stay out on the field when they are getting beat” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Under the new rules, similar to those used in Little League baseball, if at any time a team is 10 or more points behind and does not have possession of the ball, the game will be called.  The game is not necessarily over when a team takes a lead of 10 points or greater, but only when a team trails by 10 or more points and does not have possession of the ball, or is not about to receive a kickoff after a score.  So when a team scores taking a lead of 10 points or more, that team still has to kick to its opponent, giving the trailing team a chance to score and extend the game. 

Critics of the new rule say it pampers the players at the expense of the fans who pay big money to see the game.  “I don’t think this is good for football - some games will be over in the first five minutes” warned CBS sportscaster Joe Buck.  The NFL responded to its critics stating the abbreviated games “will be a small price to pay to protect the fragile emotions” of its football players. 

Television networks ESPN, CBS, NBC and Fox, who pay over $20 billion per year for the broadcast rights to the games, are not happy with the new rule, and they have petitioned the NFL to require that at least the entire first half be played, regardless of the score. Three-time Pro Bowl receiver Chris Collinsworth, sportscaster for NBC’s top rated Sunday Night Football, stated he is an advocate of the NFL’s anti-bullying campaign “but 10 points is too low, it should be at least 35 points.”

A second less-controversial  component of the rule requires that when any game ends by virtue of the 10 run rule, the players will be required to shake hands in the middle of the field after the game, and the players on the winning team must say “good game” to all of the players on the losing team.  Any player on the winning team who does not say “good game” will be subject to a fine or suspension.  The NFL said it will allow players to use the substitute phrases “Great game,” “nice job,” and “way to go” as well as other phrases to be approved by the players union.

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