Cubs Announce 2014 Promotional Schedule to Include Throwback Games With Players Using Old Uniforms, Steroids, and Sammy Sosa’s Corked Bat 

2014 Cubs players excited to juice up and use replica of Sammy Sosa’s corked bat    

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CHICAGO, IL  -- The Chicago Cubs announced their promotional schedule for 2014 will honor teams of the past decades with special turn back the clock games, which will include a special 90’s throwback game in which the Cubs players will wear old uniforms, juice up on steroids, and use an exact replica of Sammy Sosa’s corked bat.

Anthony Rizzo, the first baseman slugger who led the Cubs with 23 home runs last year, was excited about the 90’s promotion.  “That corked bat is great. It’s really easy to hit home runs with it.  Even [Jeff] Samardzija and [Travis] Wood were knocking the ball out of the park, and we haven’t even seen the steroids yet.”

The Cubs also announced that before the July 25th game against the Cardinals, in addition to giving away Jack Brickhouse bobbleheads, the team will commemorate the Cubs last World Series victory by honoring the great great grandchildren of the 1908 World Series champions.

Anthony Rizzo smashing home runs with replica Sammy Sosa corked bat

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