After Rule Changes, NY Mets Heavily Favored to Win 2014 World Series     

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NEW YORK, NY -- The day after Major League Baseball officially published its new rules for the upcoming 2014 season, the New York Mets were declared the consensus favorite to win the 2014 World Series.  The new rules for the 2014 regular season and post-season provide, among other things, that the Mets batters will receive five outs per inning instead of the traditional three outs.  Two other new rules favoring the Mets provide that a Met batter cannot be called out looking at a third strike, and that the Mets’ opposition cannot hit a home run over the fence (the latter in a clause which states “When the Mets opponent bats the ball over any fence, the ball shall be deemed a foul ball regardless if the ball lands in foul or fair territory.”)

Last year, the Mets went 74-88 finishing third in the National League East.   With the new rules, however, projects the Mets to win 150 regular season games this year, which would be by far the best record in the history of major league baseball.  

The new rule changes were overlooked by hundreds of baseball officials who worked on the rules during the offseason, probably because the special Mets rules were placed between the lengthy and tedious regulations governing the technology for the barely used instant replay, which apparently nobody cared enough to read.  

Mike Matheny, manager of the defending National League Champions St. Louis Cardinals, speculated “There are many people in baseball who believe these rules were drafted by somebody in the Mets organization or by somebody who really likes the Mets.”  Matheny added “We will do everything within our power to see that these rules are not extended beyond the 2014 season.”

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig was surprised by the new rules and confessed he too neglected to spot the changes: “When I first heard about the rules favoring the Mets, I thought no, this couldn’t be right.  But I went back and looked at all of my old drafts, and sure as hell, those rules were there. And rules are rules.”

Other teams besides the Cardinals are also complaining but are already taking measures to try to level the playing field against the Mets.  The Atlanta Braves formally announced it will move its retractable outfield fence back an additional 2,000 feet for its home games against the Mets, and the team will practice turning the quadruple play in spring training.  The Braves management also hinted about “taking a huge swarm of angry bees” on its first scheduled road trip to New York on April 18.

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