After 7 Years of Training, Minnesota Man Arrives In Sochi Only To Be Shunned By Olympics

No medals for Duluth man in Sochi 

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SOCHI, Russia -- A 22 year old man from Duluth, Minnesota was crushed to learn that he was not able to participate in the Sochi Winter Olympics, because snow shoveling is not an Olympic sport.  Duluth’s Mark Pickering showed up in Sochi with a shovel in hand, but was told by officials that snow shoveling is not, and never has been, a Winter Olympic sport.

“When I was 14 years old, my neighbor Mr. Roberts handed me a snow shovel and said son, keep shoveling my driveway and some day you will be an Olympian” said Pickering.  “Mr. Roberts didn’t even ask me for money for letting me shovel his driveway and sidewalk.”

For the next seven years, Pickering trained hard for the Olympics by shoveling snow for the entire neighborhood.  “Everybody supported my Olympic dream, waving American flags from inside their warm homes as I braved the cold and shoveled their driveways and sidewalks.”

Although disappointed about his trip to Sochi, Pickering said he can now concentrate on participating in the summer Olympics in Rio in 2016, where he hopes to bring home a gold medal for the United States in lawn mowing and car washing.

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