Garmin’s New “Prankie” GPS System Is A Big Hit With Older Adults – Sales Soaring


Garmin’s new high tech GPS system with the annoying Prankie is a huge success

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OLATHE, KANSAS -- Even the executives at Garmin, the world’s leading GPS manufacturer, couldn’t imagine the incredible demand for its new GPS system “Prankie,” the GPS with the mischievous attitude.  The new Prankie system comes with all of the features of Garmin’s popular nüvi 56 models, plus free lifetime map updates, with the extra twist that has the new product flying off the store shelves.  

Garmin spokesperson Roberta Newsome says the Garmin Prankie nüvi 56LMP is patterned after your most annoying friend you had back in high school. “You know, the one who sat in the back seat and tried to make you crash.  We wanted to bring back that kind of excitement to a generation of older drivers who miss those playful and sometimes dangerous or deadly times from their youth.”

Garmin doesn’t claim that Prankie is the GPS’s answer to Apple’s Siri, because Prankie doesn’t answer any questions, or do anything else helpful.  Nor can you turn Prankie off.  “If you could turn off Prankie, he wouldn’t be like your annoying friend,” explained Newsome.

Garmin promises that Prankie is loaded with an endless amount of annoying and sometimes startling phrases it will randomly yell out, such as “Look out for that dog!” or “Kid on a bike!”   Sometimes Prankie will keep repeating more subtly annoying phrases like “Are we there yet?” or “Do you even know how to drive?” 

Retailers across the nation say Prankie is in high demand, especially by older adult drivers.

Patricia Hawkins, a 52 year old pharmacist from Raleigh, North Carolina, raved about her new Prankie.  “Prankie is just adorable.  I was driving on the freeway yesterday and then out of the blue, Prankie yells ‘Oh my God we’re going to die!’  I hit my brakes and almost crashed.  The car behind me drove into the median.  It was so cool.  That Prankie is just like my old friend Brian from high school!”

To add to the thrill of the GPS experience, Prankie will also occasionally give you the wrong directions.  “The exciting thing is you never know when Prankie might intentionally send you to the wrong place,” chuckled Newsome.

  Ryan Ross, a 43 year old unemployed man from Bakersfield, California, recently received a taste of Prankie’s misdirection follies.  “I had used my new GPS about five times, and the directions were perfect.  But when I least expected it, going to a job interview, Prankie took me to the wrong side of town. I missed the job interview but it was so worth the good laugh.”

Ross added “Ever since I bought the Prankie GPS, I love that feeling when I get in my car, like I’m no longer in control and could crash at any moment.  It makes me feel young again. Back when I had friends.”

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