Wyoming Grants Citizenship to Its Large Animals, Gains Millions in Federal Aid And Two Congressional Seats

Proud new citizens of Wyoming celebrate the addition of two U.S. Congressional seats

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CHEYENNE, WY-- In one fell swoop of a pen by Governor Matt Mead in passing Wyoming House Bill 177, the state of Wyoming more than tripled its population overnight by granting state citizenship to all animals located within the state which weigh over 125 pounds.  The new state law grants citizenship to elk, deer, bears, buffalo, horses, various livestock, and a few really big dogs.

The 2013 United States Census Bureau estimated the population of Wyoming to be 582,658.   Now, the Bureau estimates the population of Wyoming to be 1,975,209.  Because of the population increase, today the federal government sent the Wyoming State Treasurer over $27 million dollars in extra federal aid, and plans to send “a lot more cash” in the near future.  Wyoming will also gain two additional U.S. Congressional seats in the 2016 federal elections, and three additional electoral votes in the 2020 presidential election.

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