Three Years Later, President Obama Still   Haunted By Strange Odor Emanating From Former Arizona Governor’s Finger

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Three years later, doctors are baffled why President Obama is still haunted by the finger

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WASHINGTON, DC – More than three and a half years have passed since that fateful day in Arizona, but President Barack Obama is still haunted by the strange odor emanating from the finger of former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who confronted Obama on the airport tarmac in Phoenix on January 25, 2012.  “Ooh that smell” said Obama. “I can’t get rid of that smell.”

The esteemed team of White House psychiatrists and neurologists remain baffled why the experience was so disturbing to the President, and why after three years the Commander in Chief still cannot get the odor out of his mind.  

Dr. Lawrence Feinberg, speaking to the public with permission from Obama stated, “Yes, the experience has at times affected his performance as President of the United States, but none of our staff believe it has ever made him unfit to govern the nation.  There are days the President remains too self-conscious to go out in public, fearing others can also smell the same horrendous odor, but he is making steady progress.”    

Feinberg discussed the difficulty in isolating the President’s vulnerability to this one odor. “We have concluded the President does not have any signs of bromidrophobia [the fear of body odors] or any other neurological disorder, and in fact our tests have repeatedly shown he is mentally tough and has an extraordinary high tolerance to even the most offensive odors.  But for some reason, this one smell continues to haunt him.”  

Feinberg added that for over three years his staff has tried to locate the source of the President’s suffering, so they can best determine the course of treatment. “We’ve concluded it is most likely that the odor from Governor Brewer’s finger reminds the President of some traumatic event from his early childhood, something in his deep subconsciousness, perhaps a camping or fishing trip gone horribly awry.”


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