Obama Admits He Likes To Hang Around With Terrorists

     President Obama enjoys hanging out with terrorists in his ‘spare’ time    

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WASHINGTON, DC -- Giving in to accusations by Republican conservatives, President Barack Obama came clean on Monday and admitted he does in fact like to hang around with terrorists.  Obama was heavily criticized when he was caught this past weekend at a D.C. Brunswick bowling alley drinking beer and bowling with three known terrorists. Obama defended his decision to pal around with the terrorists “I don’t approve of their terrorist activities, but at this point in my life I believe I have earned the right to choose my own friends.” 

Obama also emphasized his desire to hang out with terrorists has not in any way diminished his war on terrorism.  “They know that I will continue to wage the war against terrorism, and I know they will continue to do terrorist activities – when we hang out, we just agree to disagree and have fun.”

Obama added that he’s been subjected to a lot of stress in his second term as President and needs an outlet only the terrorist buddies can provide “You really haven’t played Call of Duty until you play the game with a twelve pack of Coors Light and some real-life terrorists. I’m telling you, that’s how the game was meant to be played.”

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