Michigan Will Not Be Allowed to Be in Two Parts Anymore, Says U.S. Interior Secretary

Will the state of Michigan adhere to the Feds’ warning?

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WASHINGTON, D.C.  --  United States Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewel has directed that the State of Michigan will no longer be allowed to be in two parts.  Jewel announced that Michigan shall have by the end of this year to resolve its separation problem or face “dire consequences” from the federal government.

Michigan is the only state in the union which consists of two peninsulas.  The Lower Peninsula, which forms the majority of the state, is separated from the less populous Upper Peninsula by the Straits of Mackinac, a five-mile channel where Lake Huron and Lake Michigan converge. 

Michigan governor Rick Snyder stated he doesn’t have any idea why Jewel is fixated on Michigan being in one piece, and even so, he explained that the two land masses are already connected by the Mackinac Bridge. “We actually have a bridge and that should be good enough for anybody.”  The Republican governor also pointed out that the initial cost estimates to build a land mass to join the two peninsulas would be at least $300 billion and would create an “ecological nightmare” for the entire Great Lakes.

Jewel said she was tired of hearing excuses from Michigan politicians “They’ve know about their state being in two parts for a long time, and yet they have refused to take action to address the problem.”

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