Man Eats His Own Hand Instead of Quarter Pounder, Sues McDonald’s

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ALBUQURQUE, N.M. -- A man in Albuquerque, New Mexico has sued McDonalds’ alleging the negligence of the world’s largest fast food chain caused him to accidently eat his entire right hand while dining at a McDonald’s in downtown Albuquerque.  According to the lawsuit filed by Charles Denton in New Mexico federal district court, Denton became distracted by a McDonald’s employee mopping the floor and set down his Quarter Pounder With Cheese.  He then began eating his own hand which had formerly held the Quarter Pounder.  The Complaint further alleges Denton could not have reasonably known he was eating his own hand because “the taste of a Quarter Pounder With Cheese is almost indistinguishable from the taste of the flesh, tendons and bones contained in a human hand.” 

Michelle Henderson, a McDonalds’ spokesperson, stated she could not comment on the active litigation, however “Like all fast food restaurants, we have many instances of people eating their own appendages in our dining area, but that does not mean McDonald’s is legally responsible.”   Henderson added that a recent McDonald’s study showed that two out of three people can taste the difference between a Quarter Pounder and a human hand, and this study will be used to defend the rash of recent lawsuits.

McDonald’s reportedly has recently settled two similar lawsuits out-of-court for an undisclosed amount of money, first to a man in Cleveland, Ohio who ate three of his fingers and a portion of his wrist while eating a Big Mac and extra-large fries, and second, to a woman in Simi Valley, California who chewed off entire her left arm while eating a McRib and apple pie.

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