County in Oklahoma Seeks to Protect Residents, Makes Tornados Illegal 

You won’t be seeing one of these pesky things in Marshall County anymore

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MADILL, OKLAHOMA – Tornado season is just around the corner for most of America, but not for Marshall County, Oklahoma.  Tornados are now illegal in Marshall County thanks to the county’s board of supervisors unanimously passing a law on Thursday which bans all tornados within county limits. 

While county officials were struggling to raise enough funds to build adequate storm shelters, the board decided “We should quit quibbling over finances and nip the problem in the bud” according to supervisor Laura Griffin. “We decided to address the real issue – getting rid of tornados.”  Noting that its laws are always followed, the board expects full compliance with the new law, which with emergency measures becomes effective before the next tornado season begins. Griffin added “The tornados can go to neighboring Bryan County or Johnston County for all we care. We don’t like those people that much anyway.”

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