Cat Actually Does Something Useful

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PLANO, TX -- A cat in in Plano, Texas actually did something useful earlier this week.  Richard Renaud, a retired plumber, announced that his 6 year old cat, Fluffbuttons, jumped on the couch and when his paw hit the remote control, the television was turned on.  “I then realized that a new episode of “Pawn Stars” had started.  I didn’t realize what time it was, and I would’ve missed the show, and had to wait for the rerun next week.”

When Renaud was asked if he was going to give the heroic feline a reward, he stated “Yeah, next time I go shopping I will buy him a can of tuna. He likes that tuna a whole bunch.”

Dr. Ray Brown, the Executive Director of the Texas Animal Health Commission, confirmed that this was the first reported instance in the State of Texas of a cat having done something useful.  Brown cautioned that the Commission has only maintained useful cat records since 1964. “I couldn’t tell you if a cat did something useful in Texas before 1964, it wouldn’t be in our records.”

When Fluffbuttons was told he was going to get a can of tuna as a reward, he stared blankly for ten minutes and then fell asleep.

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