California Hiker Who Mauled Bear Is Captured By Fish & Game Department

Bear injured in attack is expected to fully recover

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA --  The California Fish & Game Department reports that earlier today it successfully captured the 200 pound hiker who attacked a black bear along the Pacific Crest Trail in the Angeles National Forest, in Los Angeles County.  The bear suffered cuts and bruises over his face and body, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Fish and Game Lieutenant Tim Harrison explained this is not the first time his department has had to deal with bear attacks by hikers.  “This seems to happen every spring when the weather starts to warm up.  Some guy from the city who uses his stair master two or three times over the winter thinks he’s in great shape, but he’s not.  He comes out to hike on the trails and becomes disoriented and confused. When he runs out of food and water he gets desperate and attacks the wildlife.”

Harrison believes the hiker who mauled the bear is the same hiker who attacked a mountain lion earlier in the day, about two miles east of the bear attack.  The mountain lion escaped without serious injury.

Officers from the State Fish & Game Department and the U.S. Forest Service were able to capture the hiker, who was shot twice with tranquilizer darts while attempting to climb a tree.  They then relocated the hiker to the food court in the Grove mall in Los Angeles.  The hiker was last seen buying a Nautical Tee shirt at J. Crew Mens Shop. 

Harrison said “It always feels good to be able to save one of these hikers and return them back to their natural habitat.”

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