Barbara Walters Interview - Obamas Clash Over Bush’s Presence in the White House, Clintons Deny Taking Xbox

The three presidents discuss the whereabouts of George W’s Xbox 

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WASHINGTON, DC --  When Barbara Walters sat down this morning with President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama, it was clear the continual presence of former president George W. Bush in the White House is causing marital tension amongst the Obamas.  Walters’ historic interview will air on ABC television tomorrow night.

Michelle Obama explained the dilemma to Walters.  “After Barack took office in January 2009, we allowed George to have an extra couple of weeks, because he wanted to move when the weather warmed up.  Well, when the weather warmed up, he then stated he would leave when he found his Xbox and the little silver pen set given to him by Vladimir Putin.” 

Five years later, Bush has still not found the Xbox or Putin’s pen set.

The tearful First Lady told Walters “Even though it’s a big house I feel like we don’t have any privacy.  He’s always here.” 

Barack defended the former president. “It’s not like he doesn’t help around the house.  He vacuumed the press conference room yesterday and often helps with the dishes. He’ll leave when he finds the Xbox.”

A frustrated Michelle quipped “I’m so tired of hearing about that Xbox.  I think we all know the Clintons took his Xbox as a joke and they are not giving it back.  Barbara [Bush] calls every day to remind him that she has already purchased a new Xbox, which is waiting for him in Texas if he ever goes home.” 

Barack responded “But like George says, you can replace the Xbox but can’t replace the data on the memory card.”  As the First Lady glared at her husband, the President quietly concluded “Maybe I can have Secret Service look for the Xbox?”

Presidential historian Alfred Reinhardt noted that although George W. Bush’s five year stay in the White House is “unprecedented for its length of time,” it has been “common practice” for an incoming president to provide a courtesy to the outgoing president to stay in the White House.  Reinhardt stated “In 1981, the Reagans let Jimmy Carter’s family stay for almost four months until Carter’s house in Georgia was connected with cable TV.  And Carter had let Gerald Ford stay for an extra two months while Ford and Henry Kissinger worked on the transmission of Fords’ ’69 Camaro."

Mao Tse-tung congratulates Henry Kissinger on the completion of Gerald Ford's 1969 Camaro SS, an outgoing president Gerald Ford happily looks on.  Kissinger would later state in his autobiography that Ford's Camaro project was the most satisfying event of his career, although Ford knew less about gear ratios than running a successful presidential campaign.

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