Adam Sandler Comes Under Heavy Fire, Issues Apology to Film Industry and Fans

Things are not as they appear for Coach Klein and Bobby Boucher 

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MANCHESTER, N.H. --   Embattled actor and film writer Adam Sandler issued an apology to the film industry and his fans at a crowded press conference in his hometown of Manchester, New Hampshire this morning.  “I want to apologize to every man and woman in the film industry, and especially to my family and my fans.  I want everybody to know I started The Waterboy film with the best of intentions, but somehow I got sideways on the whole thing, losing sight of what is important, and forgetting who I am as a person.  I ask that you forgive me and give me another chance.”

Sandler’s extremely successful acting career was put in jeopardy last week when the New York Times broke a story concluding that the 1998 box office smash hit “The Waterboy” was in fact a work of fiction, and not based on a true story as the film portrays.  Further investigation by the New York Times uncovered there has never been a character like that of Sandler’s portrayal of Bobby Boucher, the Louisiana man who went from being waterboy to a college football superstar.  In fact, the character was made up by Sandler, the co-writer of the film.

After the story broke, Sandler has come under heavy fire by the media and in Hollywood, many demanding The Waterboy movie be pulled off the DVD shelves and barred from television.  Others have demanded a complete boycott of Sandler, and that he not be allowed to make any more films in Hollywood.

Some in Hollywood feel the media has been too harsh on Sandler.  George Clooney supported Sandler and stated one mistake should not diminish the career of an actor such as Sandler. “Sandler has made us laugh time and time again and has brought joy to everybody who has seen his films. There’s an enormous amount of pressure when making a film, and there’s a thin line between reality and fiction that is difficult to follow.  Mistakes like this can happen to the best of us.”

Not all of Hollywood’s big names were satisfied with Sandler’s apology though.  John R. Cherry III, the director of Earnest Goes to Camp, stated “The damage Sandler has done to the integrity of the film industry is enormous – it will take a generation before people believe in Hollywood again.”

Iconic producer and director Steven Spielberg had mixed feelings about Sandler’s apology, but didn’t feel a boycott against Sandler was justified - “It would be like if I made Schindler’s List but there had been no Holocaust.  We know there was a Holocaust, of course, but now we know there was no waterboy.  I’m very disappointed in Adam Sandler, but I believe he is truly remorseful and he should be forgiven and allowed to use his talents to make more films.”

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